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Specialist services for FCA-regulated businesses

FCA compliance requirements for new businesses

If you are new to FCA regulation, we can assist you with all of the FCA compliance requirements for your new business, from assistance with preparing the initial application pack to ongoing audit and advice.  For information about how we can help, please visit our FCA compliance requirements services page here.

FCA compliance solutions for an existing business

Whether you are well established in the sector and looking for guidance with ongoing compliance solutions or ad-hoc advice about how to improve your reporting systems, or you are considering expanding into a new business activity that may require FCA authorisation and are looking for advisors to guide you through the process, we have a range of FCA compliance solutions available to help you manage being FCA regulated.  For information about how we can help, please visit our FCA compliance solutions services page.

FCA compliance audit

Once you become FCA regulated there are fewer firms able to take on your audit. That does not mean, however, that you should be subjected to much higher audit fees or that you are restricted to the very largest firms. We have a long standing specialism in advising financial services businesses and providing FCA-regulated audit services. For more information, please visit our FCA regulated audit service page.