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Drinks industry issues

Brewing and distilling are important manufacturing industries for the UK economy and the sector has seen rapid growth in recent years, with the UK malt manufacturing industry becoming one of the largest in the world.

Thanks to a growing demand for ales and craft beers, tax breaks for smaller breweries as a result of the Government’s Small Breweries Relief Scheme and a cut in duty, the industry has also seen a phenomenal rise in small regional and local brewers and microbreweries, with the number of breweries in the UK hitting an 80 year high in 2015.

This rapid growth and increasing competition means it is important that brewing and distilling businesses receive specialist, experienced advice from advisers with a strong working knowledge of the market and the key issues affecting businesses operating within it.

Our latest research and national coverage

Industry specific research collated by our national drinks team regularly appears in national broadsheets.

Click on the links below to view our industry findings:

Date Press coverage Our research
17/04/2017 The Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, The I, The Daily Express, The BBC, The Daily Mirror, The Belfast Telegraph, The Scotsman and The Irish Times. 53 new distilleries launched in the UK in just one year
13/03/2017 The Daily Telegraph, Metro, The Daily Express, The I, City AM, The Daily Star and The Times. Record high for new craft breweries as over 500 open in a year
3/10/2016 The Times, The I, The Daily Star, City AM, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Mirror, The Daily Express and Sky News. Number of UK breweries rises 8% in just a year as popularity of craft beer continues to soar
15/08/2016 The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, City AM, The Sun, The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror and Sky News. Good news for English wine producers as sparkling wine grows in popularity
31/05/2016 City AM, The I, The Guardian,  The Daily Express, The Telegraph, The Times, Evening Standard and The Mirror. England sees 37 new wine producers in the last year as industry thrives
25/04/2016 The Daily Express, City AM and Metro. Number of new distilleries in England jumps by 33% in just one year
29/03/2016 City AM, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times, The I and Eat Out Magazine. Number of new breweries in London jumps by 24% in just a year
26/10/2015 The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and City AM. Number of new wine producers soars as demand for boutique food and drink products increases
1/09/2015 The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The Sun. Numbers of new microbreweries jumps 24% in a year as popularity of boutique alcohol accelerates
24/09/2015 The Financial Times, The Times, City AM and The Economist. Distillery applications treble in a year as boutique spirits boom continues
23/02/2015 The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, City AM, The Times and ITV News. Another 30 new breweries launched in London during 2014 as craft beer revolution gathers pace
13/10/2014 The Guardian, The Metro, The Daily Telegraph and the BBC online. 48% rise in new wine producers in last year as wine industry benefits from UK’s food and drink renaissance
22/09/2014 The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph and The I. Boutique spirits follow craft beer revolution with trebling in number of new distillers

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