Charity Commission issues alert to charities on safeguarding

22 December 2017

Following a number of serious incidents reported to them, the Charity Commission issued a regulatory alert on safeguarding to charities on Tuesday.

The Commission has also recently updated its safeguarding strategy. This strategy sets out how the Commission works with charities to prevent safeguarding concerns, its role in ensuring that trustees protect their beneficiaries and others who come into contact with the charity, and how the Commission responds to allegations or reports of safeguarding incidents in charities.

Safeguarding should be a key governance priority for all charities, not just those working with groups traditionally considered at risk. The Commission has issued the alert to remind trustees of their duties in this respect. These duties include:

  • Ensuring that adequate safeguarding practices are in place within the charity and any partner organisation;
  • Avoiding exposing the charity’s assets, beneficiaries or reputation to undue risk; and
  • Being alert to the risk of people abusing their position to gain access to vulnerable people.

Trustees are advised to review their charity’s safeguarding governance and management arrangements and to contact the Charity Commission about any safeguarding issues which have not yet been disclosed to them.

If you have any questions about safeguarding or the steps you can take to protect your beneficiaries and those who come into contact with your charity, please contact your usual UHY adviser or nearest UHY charity specialist.