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Land and buildings collection tool – submission by 4 November

9 October 2019

The land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) is now online and the deadline for completion and submission is 4 November. The return allows academy trusts to give information to the DfE about their land and buildings, and upload supporting documentation which assists the quality and transparency of the reporting to parliament.

The majority of academies will have completed this return in 2018 and this data will be included in the 2019 return. Academies will need to confirm that the information is still accurate and note any changes.

If an academy transferred to your trust on or after 1 September 2019, then the predecessor trust will complete a return covering that school as the tool collects data as at 31 August.

Please note that if you have church-owned land your diocesan user will need to review and return the report by this date as well, so you will need to leave a reasonable amount of time for the diocesan review.

If you are a new trust opened since 1 September then you will need to complete the return for all your academies; you will also need to upload Land Registry documents to the portal. This information should be available as part of your conversion process.

Top tips for completing the return per the DfE:

  • The Trust link must be completed by all trusts
  • Double check all documents uploaded as they may need updating
  • Land for the school must be entered as an asset
  • Don’t forget to add your playing fields – even if they are at a different location to the main site
  • For Church-owned land, contact your local dioceses early to find out who will review it.

As in previous years, this form does not require an external audit.

If you have any questions about the changes please contact me or your nearest UHY Academy School specialist.

Alternatively, fill out our Contact Form here.