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Professional development – could your trust benefit?

4 June 2019

The ESFA have set up a ’Governance leadership development programme’ to help develop those people who are in key governance roles at Academy Trusts. The programme is designed for governors who are Chairs, Vice Chairs or Committee Chairs and is there to help develop those individuals in these roles, which the ESFA hopes, will improve overall effectiveness of governance in the Academy sector.

What is particularly interesting about the programme is that the DfE are providing funding of £500 toward the cost of the programme, and some Trusts may be eligible for a higher level of support of up to £2,000.  Courses are being run by five organisations across the country – and the funding mentioned above is paid directly to the training providers rather than to the Trust.

If you want to know more information about this opportunity take a look at the government website here.

Two governors from one of the Academy Trusts I work with have accessed this training and they thought it very worthwhile. The programme is running until March 2020 so it is worth checking the availability in your area and getting some of your Governors booked on so your Trust can start to see the benefits of better governance.

You may also be interested in the clerking development programme that the DfE is also providing funding for – details of this can be found on the same web page.

If you have any queries about the professional development for your trust, please contact me or your nearest academy specialist.