UHY International Business issue 31

Our twice-yearly publication featuring articles on current business affairs in countries & business cultures around the world.

In this edition you will find the following articles:

  • ‘Persist & prevail’: How to confront corruption:
    Those with global interests still face decisions which bring their legal and ethical standing into question – and still face huge disadvantages against competitors – in jurisdictions where regulations are not enforced.
  • Healthcare and life sciences industry: On the cusp of a revolution: Almost every strand of our lifestyle is being
    enhanced by digital and the healthcare industry is no different, offering the prospect of a transformation in the way pharmaceutical companies research, produce and market their products, and how patients receive many of them.
  • Europe on the road to recovery: Europe’s economic outlook is a little brighter today than when we presented our last forecast. In fact, one or two largely unsung EU economies are doing rather well, and are well placed to help stimulate the whole of the EU back into prosperity.


UHY International Business Issue 31