Young men most likely to miss the tax return deadline

14 January 2015

Earlier this week HMRC published analysis that looks at the difference in filing behaviour between genders, age, industries and regions.

The headline findings show that women win the battle of the taxes with women being more likely than men to send in their tax return on time.  HMRC revealed that for every 10,000 tax returns they received last year from men, 394 were after the relevant deadline. This compares to 358 late returns for every 10,000 received from women.

Their analysis also showed that the older you are, the more likely you are to send in your tax return on time.  People aged 18 to 20 were the worst offenders, with 1,085 in every 10,000 filing late. At the other end of the scale, those aged 65 or over were the most punctual, with only 155 out of every 10,000 missing the deadline.

In terms of different industries, given our profession we were surprised that accountants and lawyers only came second, with 219 late filers per 10,000.  We were beaten to the post by those in the agriculture, fishing and forestry industry with just 109 in every 10,000 filing late returns. Workers in the information and communication industries fared the worst (390 per 10,000).

Across the United Kingdom, taxpayers in Northern Ireland were the most punctual (301 per 10,000), followed by those in Wales (346 per 10,000), England (374 per 10,000) and Scotland (391 per 10,000). The figure for the United Kingdom as a whole was 372 late filers per 10,000.

HMRC Director General of Personal Tax, Ruth Owen, said:

“Whatever your gender, age, occupation or location, if you haven’t sent in your 2013-14 tax return, you need to take action now. You must file your 2013-14 tax return, and pay what you owe, by midnight on 31 January. If you haven’t yet registered for HMRC Online Services, you need to act now, as it involves HMRC posting you an Activation Code and this can take up to ten days to arrive.”

If you require help with your return please contact a tax adviser at your nearest location.  Alternatively, you can complete our online contact form.