Amateur Guidance for Amateur Sports Clubs

Following publication of our blog ‘community amateur sports clubbed’ we contacted our local MP and asked that he pass on our disquiet about the absence of any written promise of a waiver from deregistration charges to HMRC. Happily we have now received a letter back from HMRC with a positive message. HMRC have confirmed to us the intention to waive a deregistration charge for CASCs leaving the scheme in suitable circumstances and informed us that they are working on an updated version of the guidance in order to state in public print the existence of the intended waiver.

Of course this is not a perfect solution. A waiver rather than a legislative exemption still sounds rather like clubs will be somewhat at the mercy of HMRC rather than having a Parliamentary Act on which to rely. Accordingly clubs will still want to be certain about the route they are choosing to follow and will need to make sure they are properly advised along the way.

Nonetheless this should be very welcome news for clubs not expecting to be able to comply with the now much narrower CASC regulations.

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