Owner-managed businesses

Owner managed businesses are the backbone of British industry and, as well as being the typical model for small enterprise, are the basis for a surprisingly large number of medium-sized and larger businesses.

Across our UHY offices, we act for hundreds of small and medium sized owner managed businesses. Our experience as accountants and business advisers to these clients means we understand their dynamics and the particular problems they face.

There are numerous tax planning opportunities for owner managed businesses, and we work closely with our clients to find the remuneration strategy most suited to their needs, with the aim of keeping their overall tax liabilities low. 

Succession, planning for retirement and, regrettably, divorce are typical issues which can seriously damage these businesses if proper advice is not sought. We help our clients in all financial, tax and business aspects of setting up, operating, developing, managing, selling and retiring from owner-managed businesses.

We also offer what we call a ‘finance director like’ service. As part of this tailored approach, we can, where necessary, assist with matters such as business plans, cash flow forecasts and meetings with banks – an ideal solution for clients that may not want to employ a full time finance director.

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