Our specialist team provides a full range of professional services to the optical industry, guiding both professionals and organisations through specialist accounting issues.

The long term relationships we have developed with these clients have enabled us to understand the challenges faced by opticians, and to offer advice based upon real understanding and experience.

Our specialist opticians team work together to share their experiences and develop a deeper understanding of the industry. This means that you can rely on us to keep you informed of the latest accounting or tax issue likely to impact on your business, or to suggest the most efficient pathway forward.

Our accounting services to you

Our team fully understands the complexities that the optical industry brings especially with VAT.  To help, we can complete VAT returns using your fixed cost apportionment rate and adhering to the partial exemption rules.  Many accountants have no choice but to outsource the three yearly VAT rate calculations; however, we have the expertise to deal with this in house, providing you with real value for money.

In addition to our VAT service offering, we also provide a wide range of advisory and support services for opticians including:

  • Management accounts
  • Business advisory
  • Payroll and bookkeeping
  • Audit
  • Corporate tax
  • Personal tax

What our clients say about us…

“I have had strong tax advice and a good knowledge of my PNL account as it is now visible, clear and I feel like I’m in control of it. My previous accountant didn’t analyse my business on a monthly basis nor meet me regularly if I had to make changes to my business. UHY Hacker Young are always available and address your needs anytime you need to in a timely manner. They have made my life easier and I can focus on my business more that the accounts are clear.”

Mehul Patel, Bexley Eyes Limited


“UHY have worked with me over the past two and a half years to help mould and develop my business into a successful Optical retail outfit. They advise me on all aspects of accountancy, from payroll to tax to monthly management accounts. They speak plain English and are always accommodating to last minute meetings or deadline changes by me!  They fit in with my hectic business lifestyle and always work around me. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Amar Shah, Amar’s Eyes Limited


“We have been using UHY Hacker Young for over a year and have been very impressed with the service we have received. Emails are answered promptly and the staff are always friendly and polite. All advice we have received has been second to none and always explained in simple English. We are very glad to have the personal, reliable and efficient advice and support whenever we need it plus the opportunity to discuss matters face-to-face. We look forward to building a great relationship with UHY Hacker Young in the future and will not hesitate in recommending them to our friends and colleagues.”

Harpreet Kular, Eyecan Ventures Limited

The next step

For further information on the services we can provide or to discuss your specific circumstances please get in touch with one of our experts below. Alternatively, please email us at newport@uhy-uk.com.

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