UHY Hacker Young leads in the diversity stakes

1 July 2004

Statistics have revealed that UHY Hacker Young leads the way in the profession’s ‘diversity’ race and is the closest to achieving an ethnic composition that matches that of the UK business community as a whole.

With 24% of its partners from ethnic minority backgrounds, UHY Hacker Young is the only top-thirty firm in the UK to even reach double percentage figures, according to a survey produced by professions’ leading publication, Accountancy Age.

“This statistic comes as no surprise to our forward-thinking partners,” says Ladislav Hornan, Managing Partner at our London office.

“We have been at the forefront of the professional debate on equality, diversity and ethnic pragmatism for almost a generation. The business logic of having a multi-racial mix of partners and staff runs parallel to the ethical argument.

“In short, we have become diverse as the business community has itself become more diverse.

“Being part of a global association, with over 4,500 people of every ethnic kind and complexion, has certainly helped us along this strategic route.”