UHY Hacker Young steps up international exposure as clients prepare to meet Brexit challenge

Publications that covered this story include Accountancy Age on 24 August.
  • New offices in Frankfurt, Madrid, Lyon, Miami, Houston, Auckland and Melbourne
  • Comes a year after Bahrain, Chile and others were added

Our international network has seen sharp growth over the last year, with a new member firm in Germany as well as additional affiliate firms in Lyon, France and Madrid, Spain.

The UHY international network, of which we are a member firm, has also added new offices in Miami, Houston, Auckland and Melbourne in the last year.

Jon Warsop, Group Chairman of UHY Hacker Young, said: “It is an exciting time for UHY Hacker Young and the broader UHY family. We have been making fantastic strides in the development of our international business, raising the number of our offices in the network to cover more than ten additional countries over the last three years.”

“Regardless of Brexit our UK clients are looking for more assistance as they expand globally. However, adding very substantial local expertise and support for them in Frankfurt, Madrid and Lyon will also help our clients deal with the challenges Brexit creates.”

“We want to make sure our clients can meet the export challenge created by Brexit as well as they possibly can.”

Our international network’s offices now cover all the major financial centres across mainland Europe.

The UHY international network has seen major growth in office numbers across the world, expanding from 275 offices in 2013 to 325 more recently.

  • 2014: New countries: Ecuador, Montenegro, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. New affiliates in: India (2), Ireland, Peru, Turkey and Uzbekistan
  • 2015: New countries added: Belarus, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Rep, Philippines, Uganda, Zambia. New affiliates in: Uzbekistan, Norway, Turkey (2) and the UK and a second member firm joined us in Poland. In 2015, group practices FiderConsult Srl and Moores Rowland Associatri Stprl merged rebranding the Italian national network as UHY Italy.
  • 2016: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bolivia (Associate member), Chile, Georgia, Mozambique, Myanmar (Associate), Palestinian Authority, and Seychelles.

Jon Warsop comments: “M&A activity in Brighton, Sheffield and Newcastle builds on the recent expansion into Northern Ireland. We are also looking to obtain new representation in Scotland, and are proactively seeking new member firms in Leeds, the North West and in the South West to further extend our geographic coverage across the UK.”

“We are in talks with a number of firms but always open to further discussions and would welcome approaches from established, growth-focused firms in any of these areas.”