‘Pure Evil’ street artist sneaks into Wallace Collection

Publications that covered this story include: Accountancy Live, 22 May 2015.
  • Specially commissioned work to celebrate 90th birthday of national accountancy group UHY Hacker Young

A new work by the street artist ‘Pure Evil’ briefly sneaked into the Wallace Collection at our recent reception.  We had commissioned the work to celebrate our London & Nottingham offices’ 90th birthday, but in order to comply with the strict rules of the bequest of Lady Wallace, the Wallace Collection benefactor, the piece displayed at the reception was in fact a photo, and not the work itself.

We explain that when former perfume shop assistant Lady Wallace donated her husband’s family collection of fine art, porcelain, historic weapons and furniture to the nation in on her death in 1897, it was under the stipulation that the collection should be ‘unmixed with other objects of art’.  This meant that unveiling the original Pure Evil painting would have violated the terms of Lady Wallace’s bequest.

Instead, the original Pure Evil painting remained in our London office for the night, alongside another Pure Evil Piece ‘New logo for the Hackney Looting Team’.  ‘New logo for the Hackney Looting Team’ was made famous during the London Olympics when Pure Evil graffitied it on a wall at Broadway Market in East London.

Pure Evil is a London based street artist whose other paintings, often in a graffiti style, are widely recognised from Series 8 of The Apprentice, after the artist featured as part of a challenge. Through our ongoing relationship with the art dealer Brandler Galleries, we also house Lab Rat by the well-known street artist Banksy.

Ladislav Hornan, Managing Partner of our London office, comments: “I’m not sure what Lady Wallace would make of Pure Evil’s work, but it was enormous fun to find a way to allow our guests; clients, friends of UHY and members from around our global network, to see our new commission in such a grand setting.”

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