Email scam warning

Our York office is warning workers to be on guard against another wave of electronic fraud attempts called ‘phishing’.

Fraudsters have targeted customers of online banking services from Barclays, Nationwide, NatWest and Halifax in recent weeks. The scam involves an email that appears to be from the bank, which usually asks recipients to click on a link to a website.

Hayden Priest, partner at our York office explained:

“The website is designed to look like the bank’s own but is a front for criminals, often based outside the UK. Customers are asked to resubmit or ‘confirm’ details such as Pin and account numbers or passwords, which criminals can use to steal money from accounts. It’s a scam called ‘phishing’.”

Hayden has produced a checklist to combat online fraud:

Know who you are dealing with

Always access internet banking by typing the bank’s address into your web browser. Never go to a website from a link in an email and enter personal details.

Keep passwords and Pins safe

Keep passwords and pins secret. Don’t disclose personal information to someone you don’t know. Your bank and the police would never contact you to ask you to disclose Pins or all your password information.

Keep hold of your cash

Don’t be conned by convincing emails offering you the chance to make some easy money. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Keep your PC secure

Use up-to-date antivirus software and a personal firewall. Be careful in internet cafes.

Check your statement

If you notice anything irregular on your account contact your bank immediately.