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Making Tax Digital

Since Making Tax Digital (MTD) was announced, from April 2019, HMRC is fundamentally changing the way taxpayers and HMRC report and process accounting data.

Our MTD blog will guide you through these fast approaching changes, and help you determine if MTD applies to your business. It also provides practical advice about what you need to do – and when you need to do it – if so.

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The latest from our Making Tax Digital blog:

Myth busting MTD

07 March 19: Frequently heard myths about MTD are put to rest.

Making Tax Digital – about to erupt?

18 Feb 19: MTD is still causing anxiety for business owners and finance teams alike.

Are you getting ready for 1 April 2019?

13 Nov 18: There are two major changes to the VAT system on the way

Changes to VAT returns from 1 April 2019 – are you ready?

25 Oct 18: HMRC announce a deferment of implementation for some.

HMRC research shows positive attitudes towards MTD

28 Sep 18: HMRC have published MTD Research – Attitudes, Behaviour and Engagement.

Key questions about VAT submissions in a digital world

21 Aug 18: Guidance on for VAT registered businesses.

March 2018 – what’s the latest on MTD?

1 Mar 18: Update on Making Tax Digital. Reminder and pilot test registration.

Finance Bill published, as UHY take flight in HMRC pilot

14 Sep 17: What does it mean for MTD?

MTD implementation timetable slowed

14 Jul 17: New financial secretary to the treasury slows MTD implementation timetable.

ICAEW correspondence highlights unknowns of MTD

23 May 17: Some areas of the MTD project still haven’t been addressed.

Making Tax Digital – where are we?

16 May 17: With electioneering for the General Election in full swing, where are we now with MTD?

What does the Finance Bill mean for MTD?

26 Apr 17: Much of the most complex legislation is being dropped, including Making Tax Digital clauses.

What will the General Election mean for Making Tax Digital?

21 Apr 17: How will the snap election affect MTD?

Three things most taxpayers will have on their budget wishlist

3 Mar 17: What do people want from Philip Hammond’s first Budget?

The likely cost to businesses of Making Tax Digital

7 Mar 17: HMRC face pressure to provide information on costs of MTD.

Consultations result in draft legislation

9 Feb 17: The first pieces of draft legislation have recently been published in response to to MTD consultations.

Timetable for Making Tax Digital extended

9 Feb 17: HMRC have published proposals to undertake a year-long pilot of the MTD programme.

Why Making Tax Digital is like riding a bike…

20 Jan 17: The problem with MTD is that it implies that your hand is being forced; that you are being ’made’ to do something.

New Year, New Criticism

The Government’s plans for MTD came under considerable criticism in 2016, and it looks like 2017 will be no different.

Delay to Making Tax Digital?

Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie, has suggested a delay in the implementation of MTD “until at least 2019/20″.

A Letter to our MP

Our tax specialist, Graham Boar, recently wrote to his local MP highlighting his concerns with MTD.

Making Tax Digital – Letters answered, questions unanswered

There has been a further update on MTD. Find out more here.

Every silver lining has a cloud

Let’s look at the positives for MTD. You will now be able to take control of your finances and make informed decisions.

MP warns MTD is MTQ

MP Mr Tyrie has conveyed concerns heard from the Federation of Small Businesses highlighting the introduction of MTD should not be rushed.

The rural effect

We look at how rural businesses will be affected by Making Tax Digital.

Are you ready for a digital tax system?

On 14 December 2015, HMRC published their roadmap document ‘Making Tax Digital’, setting out their plan for the digitisation of the tax system.

Making Tax Digital

The Government’s flagship policy of Making Tax Digital (MTD) is attracting attention from politicians, civil servants, businesses and professional advisers alike.