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Is now the time to refinance?

15 October 2015

With the economy ‘growing’ and a competitive lending sector, stimulated by the growth of alternative lending, now could be the opportune moment to refinance business facilities to increase the bottom line!

A timely review of finance facilities can be as important as reviewing your marketing plan, HR policies, or procurement procedures.

With the growth of alternative finance, the market has become competitive with many products and services available.

Options include

  1. Factoring,
  2. Invoice Discounting,
  3. Asset Based Lending, or
  4. Crowd Funding.

Sources of finance include

  1. Traditional Institutions,
  2. Crowd Funding Platforms, or
  3. Alternative funding providers.

With such a competitive market, refinancing a historic agreement(s) could lead to significant savings and greater liquidity. If this of interest to you please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tom O’Brien or call 01633 245 667.