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Large businesses in Newcastle

For us that’s any business with a turnover above £1 million

Our extensive range of services is such that we can meet the needs of any large business up to £5 million turnover. Above that level we can also often help as well.

We find larger businesses that switch to us do so because:

  • they use a large accountancy firm where the fee levels are beyond what they want to pay;
  • they want a more personal pro-active service;
  • we have the capability to be flexible – to find the right solutions for each client.  Our UK network of 22 offices allows us to share knowledge and solutions and maintain high quality standards;
  • our clients can tap into the knowledge and expertise of over 780 partners and 7850 professionals in UHY member firms around the globe – see www.uhy.com for more info.

We would strongly recommend that you compare fee levels. We would hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Our specialist tax planning and added value business services are ideal for larger businesses.

Please take the opportunity of us visiting you for a free consultation to see how we can assist.

The next step

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business in more detail, please contact one of our audit specialists.