Why converting to the cloud can often feel like England’s World Cup win against Columbia

4 July 2018

The nation rejoiced last night as England secured a place in the World Cup Quarter finals.

It was an intense match that went into extra time and penalties, and against all odds England were victorious – beating Colombia 4-3 on penalties and securing a place in the quarter finals against Sweden.

By half time the score was 0-0, and I couldn’t help thinking of the similarities between the match and the conversion process to cloud.  A lot of clients I work with find moving to the cloud a challenge initially, but, like when Harry Kane scored in the 57th minute, you will start to reap the benefits sooner rather than later.  Yes, it can be frustrating and take a while for you and your team to get to grips with the software and often, the challenge can feel like you’ve conceded in the last minute, as fans did last night when Colombia’s Yerry Mina scored an equaliser in injury time.  However, with time, the cloud will reduce the amount of hours spent working on tedious, time consuming tasks allowing you to focus on what you do best – running and growing your business, and you’ll feel just like Eric Dier did scoring the winning penalty in last night’s match.

My point is, it may be hard work at first however, in the long run the benefits to you and your business out way the initial challenge.

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