The payroll legislation that affects your business – part three

15 February 2018

In the final of our three-part payroll legislation blogs (click here for part two), we look at GDPR – a topic that’s key to all organisations at present.

On 25 May 2018, the UK will undergo its biggest data protection law changes in over 20 years when GDPR comes in to play. GDPR will affect the way that data is currently held and will make employers more responsible in ensuring that the data they hold is secure and treated correctly. The new rules coming into force will have significant implications on employers.

Under GDPR, employers may have to provide more detailed information, such as:

  • How long personal data will be stored for
  • If data will potentially be transferred to different countries
  • Provide information on the right to make a subject access requests
  • Provide information on the right to have personal data deleted or rectified in specific circumstances.

Before GDPR comes in to play, some key factors for employers to consider are:

  • Is data access appropriate?
  • Is your data secure?
  • Do you need the data?
  • Is your software secure?

GDPR will provide a mandatory breach reporting requirement, meaning employers will have to notify the data protection authority within 72 hours of any breach.

At UHY Hacker Young we offer a payroll service that is fully compliant with GDPR. We can organise and run your entire payroll function, ensuring that you adhere all legal requirements.

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