Cloud accounting App of the Month: Chaser

29 June 2018

Each month, we’re going to be putting one of our favourite cloud accounting apps in the spotlight. This month, our resident app expert Darcie Robinson takes a closer look at Chaser.

What is Chaser?

Chaser is essentially a credit control app that effectively automates chasing customers to pay their invoices, allowing you to get paid faster and saving you time. By sending polite, consistent chasing emails to customers about their unpaid invoices, Chaser allows you to stay on top of your credit control. For example, a family run business saved over four hours a week on credit control activities and reduced overdue debt from £27,000 to £5,000 in just six weeks after moving to Chaser.

Why do we recommend our clients use Chaser?

One of the main reasons we like Chaser it that is allows our clients to benefit from automation whilst still maintaining the element of human touch. Users have the ability to create customised email templates to which Chaser will automatically attach copies of invoices or statements to send to clients. These emails can be sent from regular email addresses with members of staffs’ personal signatures to maintain the personal touch and relationship building element of client communication.

Through implementing Chaser, you’ll receive payments for invoices on time, therefore reducing the number of debtors that you have at any one time and thus improving your cash flow. By using Chaser, our clients have achieved an average reduction of 16 days to their debtor days.

Plus, the software gives visibility of your best and worst customers and you can view a log of all sent email chasers and any replies received concerning an invoice. Chaser provides a quick and easy way to manage customers who don’t pay, rather than you having to manually chase them one by one.

Ultimately, Chaser helps to highlight problems in your business in advance, giving you the ability to resolve them.

How does Chaser work with cloud accounting software?

Chaser integrates with all major cloud accounting software platforms. By pulling through a copy of the ledger from the cloud it automatically knows which invoices to chase. Plus, Chaser gathers customer information from the cloud, whilst remaining compliant with GDPR, so there’s no manual data entry requirement.

Darcie Robinson is an ACCA trainee, and joined our Manchester office in November 2016. She sits within our dedicated cloud accounting team, assisting clients to reap the benefits of access to real-time financial information through Xero and related apps. Darcie graduated from the University of Salford in 2015 with a First Class BSc in Finance and Accounting, following which she joined a Warrington-based accounting firm to commence her ACCA training.
Should you have any questions about this blog or wish to discuss your options when it comes to Chaser or cloud accounting please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Hurst.

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