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Our Malaysian desk was set up in the 1990s by London partner, Dato’ John Lim, who himself is Malaysian. He was looking to develop a niche market following significant investments from Malaysia into the UK that were occurring at the time due to favourable exchange rates and a soft property market.

With all inward investments into the UK, the Malaysia desk team are able to offer advice on local requirements and corporate structuring to suit the circumstances of Malaysian investors. In addition, we offer a suite of services such as accounting, company secretarial, auditing, taxation and corporate finance, depending on the Malaysian investor’s requirements.

There has been a trend in the last five years for Malaysian companies to seek a listing on the London Stock Exchange and the Malaysian desk has been involved, together with our corporate finance department, as Reporting Accountants for the successful listing of many Malaysian companies on to AIM, followed by a continuing role as auditors to the listed companies.

Our strength for our Malaysian clients, apart from our expertise and professionalism, is that we have a team with language capability, if required, who are familiar with the culture and mind sets of our Malaysian clients.

The Malaysian desk works closely with the UHY offices in Malaysia and other UHY offices in the region, and also services clients from areas, including Singapore and Indonesia.

The next step

We have also produced a ‘Doing business’ guide which summarises the key issues you will need to consider when setting up business in the UK, including details on procedural issues, local regulations on foreign investment, and taxation.

For further information about our Malaysian business desk and how we can help you, please speak to:

Dato’ John Lim, head of our Malasyian desk on 020 7216 4621 or email him at j.lim@uhy-uk.com

Colin Wright on 020 7216 4604 or email him at c.wright@uhy-uk.com