UHY Hacker Young | Chartered Accountants

Webinar: Essentials for good governance in the Boardroom

14 December 2016

With the subject of boardroom governance being a hot topic at the moment, we recently discussed some of the key elements that contribute towards good governance during a live webinar. Tapping into a wealth of previous board experience, we provided some concise and informative points for those grappling with boardroom management at the present time. Despite working across both small and large organisations, many of the same issues arise depending on the dynamic of the board structure, the culture of the wider organisation and the impact of the chairperson.

Decision making operates in the boardroom and the implications across the wider organisation; “typically, there is the potential of a tense dynamic between the boardroom where decisions are made within a relatively controlled environment and the rest of the organisation that is tasked with implementation and achieving strategic success (sometimes at all costs). Thinking of the last twenty years of governance and organisations such as banks and healthcare trusts where the gap between the coal face (so to speak) and the boardroom can be huge, there is a risk that the implication of decisions is sometimes not fully considered”.

To watch the webinar in full, please click here.