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Tax Investigation Service


Helping to Protect Clients from HMRC Investigations

HMRC investigations are happening more and more frequently.  No one is immune from them – individuals and businesses are chosen both at random and as part of targeted campaigns into specific sectors – and having up to date tax records and a conscientious accountant will not prevent an investigation.

When they do happen, HMRC investigations can be wide-ranging and very disruptive.  To achieve the best possible outcome you need proper representation to make sure that matters are dealt with quickly and that HMRC does not exceed its powers. However, professional fees can quickly spiral.

How we can help

To protect clients against the costs of investigations, we strongly suggest that all our clients join our Tax Investigation Service.

We appreciate that all our clients want to keep costs as low as possible, so we can offer this service at a cost that’s appropriate to their circumstances, so a low risk personal tax return client pays far less than, say, a higher risk cash business with a number of staff.

Using the service, in the event of an investigation, we can provide all the support needed and deal with HMRC on behalf of clients.  Without this, the cost of dealing with an investigation may run into many thousands of pounds.

The service is backed by an insurance policy in our name and, for clients who join the service, we are able to make a claim on the policy to cover our costs if an enquiry occurs.

The next step

If you would like more details or to enrol in this service, please contact Karen Anderson-Hendricks on 01462 687333 or k.anderson-hendricks@uhy-uk.com.