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Corporate finance services in Letchworth

At UHY Hacker Young we understand that running a business can be lonely. Irrespective of whether you are a sole trader or you manage a listed company, it is likely that at some point, you will need both strategic advice and corporate finance advice. 

Knowing who to turn to for advice when it comes to making decisions about fundraising, acquisitions, management buy-outs or buy-ins, or disposals, is an important part of achieving your overall objectives.

At UHY Hacker Young we have a team of highly experienced specialists who advise SMEs on strategy and on finance.  With years of involvement in virtually all business sectors, we are perfectly placed to help your business.  When it comes to value for money, it is our goal to provide large firm service at small firm prices.

Here are just some of the areas we can help with:


If you run a business and your goal is to grow, an acquisition may be the right way to go.  If this is the case then we have the expertise and the experience to guide you through the process from beginning to end.  Find out more about UHY Hacker Young acquisition support.

Management Buy-Outs

Management buy-outs (MBOs) are a popular way of acquiring businesses and can be exciting.  However, MBOs can have their issues, therefore having someone to guide you through the transaction is extremely important.  Please click here for further information about how we can help with your MBO.

Management Buy-Ins

Similar in many ways to MBOs, Management buy-ins (MBIs) have a tendency to be riskier because of certain unknown elements.  Irrespective of this, MBIs can be a good way of helping a business to reach its full potential.  Offering MBI support from beginning to end, our team will help make sure you make the right decisions and select the right deal.  Please click here for further information about how we can assist with Management Buy-Ins.


We can help you raise funds for business expansion, acquisition, MBO or to restructure debts, even in today’s tough economic climate.  Irrespective of why you are looking to raise funds, success relies on putting the right case together.  We can help you to put your case forward with credibility and conviction.  Please click here for further information about fundraising.


Selling a business is complex and often emotional.  Making the decision to sell your business on your own can be tough and making sure you have negotiated the best deal can be even tougher.  Having someone to guide you through this process can make the difference between securing a good deal and securing a great deal.  At UHY Hacker Young we pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate the right deal for our clients who decide to sell their businesses.  Please click here for further information about assistance with business disposals.

The next step

If you would like to discuss your strategic support or funding requirements in more detail, please contact a member of our team.