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Auto-enrolment services in Jarrow

It is now compulsory for employers to provide a pension scheme, to automatically enrol all eligible job holders into that scheme and to make contributions on their behalf.

UHY Torgersens can assist businesses to prepare for auto-enrolment by:

  • confirming staging dates;
  • defining who ‘eligible job holders’ are;
  • giving guidance on the tax implications; and
  • advising on the selection of an appropriate pension scheme.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive payroll service which can significantly ease the burden of auto-enrolment. Please click here for more details.

A range of our clients have now established their auto-enrolment systems and have found that accessing external advice has been very useful in smoothing the way and minimising unnecessary costs.

The next step

Preparing your business for auto enrolment is a critical activity and should be undertaken sooner rather than later. Timely action will help ensure your business is not overburdened when your staging date becomes imminent.

We can help to ensure that you are prepared well in advance of your staging date. For further information or to discuss auto enrolment in relation to your specific circumstances, please contact one of our specialists.

To read more about the do’s and don’ts, and the questions you should be asking yourself, download our useful factsheet: auto enrolment, what do you need to do.