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Investing in the US

As the largest consumer market in the world, it is clear why many businesses and individuals wish to set up operations in the US.  If you are considering the US as a possible location, we can support you during your expansion and walk you through the different steps involved in the process.

Our London based US business team regularly work together with colleagues from our US member firm, UHY Advisors, who can provide ongoing services to your new overseas operation. Our professional expertise in the region enables us to facilitate the expansion of large, medium and small businesses in to the dynamic business environments of the US.

We can support and provide you with the following:

Registering your business

Our colleagues at UHY Advisors will assist you with every aspect of your business set up. We will work closely with you to ensure we understand your business needs, will ascertain the range of services most relevant to you, and establish the level of involvement you require from us.

Several legal structures are available for running a business in the US including:

  • limited liability company;
  • corporation; or
  • partnership.

Tax efficient structure

Implementing a tax efficient structure is key in ensuring the commercial success of any overseas expansion.  We can assist with tax planning for your business and will work alongside our counterparts in order to minimise your tax liabilities from the outset.

We can also assist in tax planning for individuals moving to the US permanently or temporarily. Early tax planning is essential in both cases before you leave the UK and before your arrival in the US. Our tax experts have extensive experience in advising both businesses and individuals on international tax issues.

International streamlined support

We will introduce you to like-minded UHY advisers who are based in the US and who can provide ongoing advisory services to your new transatlantic operation.

We can also provide you with streamlined international support through:

  • financial and structural review as a basis for international expansion;
  • advice on pricing of goods and services for profit optimisation;
  • advice on the best form of legal entity;
  • local and cross-border taxation consultancy including transfer pricing;
  • advice on regional incentives;
  • R&D incentive entitlements;
  • location services including premises identification;
  • mergers and acquisitions advising and negotiation;
  • labour market advisory services;
  • consultancy and assistance on repatriation of funds;
  • ex-pat migration services;
  • representation services; and
  • banking arrangements including accounts and signature authority, foreign exchange controls and limits on convertibility.

Doing Business in the US guide

Each year, every UHY International member firm produces a ‘Doing Business’ guide which summarises the key issues and information for investors considering business operations in their country, including procedural issues, local regulations and taxation.

Click the link to download our ‘Doing Business in the US’ guide.

2018 tax legislation changes

In late December 2017, President Donald Trump signed into law the most sweeping tax reform legislation since 1986. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, also known as H.R 1, amends the Internal Revenue Code to reduce tax rates, credits, and modify policies. Our colleagues at UHY Advisors have created an overview of the key changes and provisions here.

The next step

For further information about our US business desk or to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific circumstances, please contact:

Andrew Snowdon, head of US business desk, on 020 7216 4613 or email him at a.snowdon@uhy-uk.com.

Alternatively, please complete our online contact form here.