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US business desk

Transatlantic operations play an important and prominent role for investors.  It may be that you are looking to take advantage of the largest consumer market in the world by entering the US, or perhaps you want to enter the UK for its diverse business environment.

Our London based US business team provide the full range of audit, tax and advisory services to support companies and individuals that are looking to move to the UK, and UK companies and individuals with business interests in the US.

US businesses/individuals moving to the UK

If you are an individual or company based in the US considering moving to the UK, we are able to assist you with every aspect of your business set up.

Our specialist partners have successfully helped many US companies take advantage of the opportunities available within the UK from implementing a tax efficient structure and assisting with all registration formalities, to VAT and duty services.  We provide a range of services dedicated to making the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our international tax experts have extensive experience of advising on both the legal and financial aspects of overseas groups seeking to expand into the UK and Europe, whether you are involved in large scale expansion or an early stage entity formation.

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Investing in the US

If you are a UK company or individual looking to set up operations in the US, we can support you during your expansion and walk you through the different steps involved in the process.

As a founding member of UHY International, a cohesive network of more than 320 business centres in 92 countries, we have a close working relationship with our US member firms, UHY Advisors. Our partners regularly work together from both sides of the Atlantic to ensure we are introducing you to like-minded in-country advisers who can provide ongoing advisory services to your new overseas operation.

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The next step

For further information about our UK/US business desk and how we can help you, please speak to:

Andrew Snowdon on 020 7216 4613 or email him at a.snowdon@uhy-uk.com.