Internationalisation services

Whether internationalising for the first time or entering a different market, we provide practical support to UK companies looking to grow their business overseas and we are able to advise and assist you during the whole internationalisation process.

Across the world governments are making efforts to facilitate cross-border trading and improve transport and communications infrastructures. As it becomes easier to do business internationally, an increasing number of dynamic, high growth companies keen to maintain their leading edge are looking to transfer their expertise overseas.

Supporting you throughout the internationalisation process

Whether you are a newly formed company, growing international small or medium sized enterprise, or a major international company, we focus on creating value by acting as a one-stop-shop for UK owned businesses planning investments overseas.

We recognise that to operate successfully on an international scale you will need to develop coordinated strategies to overcome the barriers to doing business in a new market. Our experts will walk you through the different steps involved in the internationalisation process, including helping you establish the right business contacts and gain an understanding of the local regulatory requirements and ways of doing business.

We also provide advisory services in relation to the local tax environment, including structuring, compliance and dealing with the local respective authorities as regards direct and indirect corporate and personal taxation, as well as transfer pricing, customs and other fiscal areas.

Implementing tax efficient structures

Implementing a tax efficient structure is key in ensuring the commercial success of any overseas expansion. We can assist with tax planning for your business and will work alongside our counterparts in order to minimise your tax liabilities from the outset.

We can also assist in tax planning for individuals moving overseas permanently or temporarily. Early tax planning is essential in both cases before you leave the UK. Our tax experts have extensive experience in advising both businesses and individuals on international tax issues.

Ongoing support through our international network of offices

We provide ongoing cross-border assistance through our cohesive international network, UHY international.  With a presence in every major financial centre around the world, we can introduce you to commercially focused audit, accounting and tax professionals who can provide ongoing advisory services to your new overseas operation.


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