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Investing in the Gulf

There are many attractive destinations for investment in the Middle East, with a positive attitude prevailing towards foreign investment. The business market in many Gulf states are diverse and flexible with a variety of business opportunities, but you must also consider the significant legal and cultural differences to running a business in the UK that accompany a move to the Arabian Peninsula.

We can work alongside our UHY member firms in the various jurisdictions to support you during your expansion into the Gulf and give you advice to help you understand the business opportunities the Gulf market presents. We can offer you professional expert advice on the running of your business as well as helping you to become familiar with the cultural change you will face. We can also make introductions to other professional advisers, such as lawyers and bankers, where required. Please see below for a list of our UHY member firms in the Gulf.

With the support of both our dedicated Gulf business desk and the UHY member firm in your jurisdiction of choice, you will benefit from access to advice with advisers in both the UK and the Gulf. Your whole internationalisation process will be much smoother as we focus on creating value by acting as a one-stop-shop for UK owned businesses planning investments overseas; there is no need for you to be the middleman between each country as we will have direct communication with our counterparts to provide all the services that you require.

We can support and provide you with the following:

Registering your business

We can put you in touch with our UHY member firm in your jurisdiction of choice or a local lawyer to lead you through this process and complete the relevant forms.

Tax efficient structure

  • Implementing a tax efficient structure is key in ensuring the commercial success of any overseas expansion.
  • We can assist with tax planning for your business and will work alongside our counterparts in order to minimise your tax liabilities from the outset.
  • We can also assist in tax planning for individuals moving to the Gulf permanently or temporarily. Early tax planning is essential in both cases before you leave the UK and before your arrival in the Gulf. Our tax experts have extensive experience in advising both businesses and individuals on international tax issues.

Doing business guide

Each year, every UHY international member produces a ‘Doing Business’ guide which summarises the key issues and information for investors considering business operations in their country, including procedural issues, local regulations and taxation.

Click the links below to download our Doing Business guide from our various UHY member firms in the Gulf;

UAE – UHY Saxena

Qatar – UHY Ammo & Co

Jordan – UHY Arab Auditors

Lebanon – UHY Andy Bryan

The next step

For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific circumstances, please contact:

Mark Giddens, head of  Gulf business desk
020 7767 4651

Tanmay Saxena, Gulf business desk manager
020 7767 2639