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UHY Manchester's Brexit Expert, Michelle Dale

On 24 December 2020, the Trade and Co-Operation Agreement was issued detailing the implications of future trade between the UK and the EU. Many businesses had considered how their supply chains would be affected but hadn’t actually finalised their plans due to the uncertainty of a possible deal scenario. 

Following on from this, Michelle Dale, our Senior VAT Manager, has been at the forefront for all things Brexit. With over 17 years’ experience within the field, Michelle can provide professional insights to what is happening with Brexit and help with how your business may have been affected. Michelle is able to advise you on, the implications of the new agreement and can provide strategic advice, advise you on new arrangements and regulations as they are announced, and generally provide a health-check of your existing arrangements. 

Michelle has been featured in many Brexit related articles such as; John Lewis among UK firms scrapping overseas deliveries – BBC News, Brexit: 'I was asked to pay an extra £82 for my £200 coat' – BBC News, Post-Brexit: How the New Regulations will Affect Businesses and Customers? – Ibiss & Co, Anger builds among manufacturers as EU customers cancel orders due to Brexit red tape – Independent and many more. 

Brexit has affected businesses in many different ways such as; 

  • Business having issues sending goods to customers located in the EU on B2B basis
  • Businesses who previously used the EU simplification-triangulation when selling goods to EU customers but can no longer use this
  • Businesses importing goods to the UK and sell them on to business customers in the EU who demand DDP incoterms going forward

Michelle has helped businesses in these situations and more with her extensive knowledge.

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If you would like to discuss anything Brexit related, please get in touch with Michelle Dale on or on 0161 236 6936.


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