Sales invoicing on Xero

If so, all of the above could be done in a couple of steps on Xero.


Invoicing on Xero allows you to create templates which can be customised with your logo, contact details and payment details. 

Once you have raised your invoice, you can email the invoice directly to your customer through Xero. It will send your customer a pdf of the invoice as well as a link, so that they can open up the invoice in Xero.

To be able to email invoices directly through the platform, you just need to ensure the customers details have been entered within the contacts.

You can also send invoices directly to other Xero accounts provided you have their Xero network key. This means the invoice will go directly into their Xero account and there is no need to manually add the invoice. 

Why should I invoice on Xero?

  1. Takes out the duplication involved in the invoicing process - you will no longer be required to create an invoice on word, to then recreate it in Xero.
  2. Invoices can be emailed out at the click of a button, rather than having to create lots of emails.
  3. Reduces the chance that invoices are sent to the incorrect customers (as long as the correct email address is on the contact information).

The next step

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