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Healthcare NHS

Public sector organisations operate in a dynamic and highly regulated environment. We are able to provide expert financial advice on health matters, through our public sector consultancy arm, FourSight.

NHS England

  • Outsourcing staff on an interim management basis from one month to one year;
  • our specialist staff can undertake financial management consultancy assignments;
  • preparing monthly and year end financial accounts;
  • managing hosted organisation budgets;
  • managing treasury functions;
  • business case evaluation.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

  • Interim management support from director of finance or chief financial officer positions down to junior accounting staff;
  • providing IFRS compliance advice, including a detailed financial impact assessment and restatement of opening balance sheets;
  • providing year end financial and monthly management accounts support;
  • performing detailed investigations on the financial effects of implementing changes in Government policy;
  • managing primary and secondary healthcare budgets;
  • managing the commissioning finance functions;
  • representing CCG’s on National Finance Groups;
  • business case evaluations;
  • providing strategic finance support and completing financial plans.

Acute, Community and Mental Health Trusts

  • Interim financial management support from director of finance or chief financial officer to junior accounting staff;
  • commissioning reviews to determine the effect of changes in tariff prices and contract arrangements;
  • managing turnaround and recovery processes for Trusts;
  • developing zero based budgeting models and completion of NHSI returns;
  • providing financial support for business cases for the modernisation of secondary and primary health care services based on the Treasury Green Book;
  • producing reference costs and patient level costing;
  • costing of healthcare services for use in budgets;
  • monitoring performance of Service Level Agreements (SLA);
  • development and regular production of Service Line Reporting (SLR);
  • providing year end financial and monthly management accounts support;
  • development of long term financial models and strategic support to the Board;
  • supporting system redesigns with the development of Integrated Care Systems.

General Practitioners

  • Developing pricing models for GP practices, to enable GP practices to tender for Equitable Access in Primary Care Medical Services (EAPC);
  • preparing monthly and year-end financial accounts;
  • providing tax advice;
  • providing financial advice to GP practices to enable maximisation of income from commissioners.
  • supporting practices with their involvement in Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems.

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