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Welcome to UHY Hacker Young’s ‘Experts Online’ service.

We wanted to enable you to put a question to our experts at UHY Hacker Young and receive a quick and convenient emailed response.

If you have used this service before and have previously registered, you can go to the ‘existing user’ screen now.  If you are new to this service and have not registered, you will need to submit some basic details and then pose your question using the form below.

How much will it cost?

If your query is straightforward the response will be provided free of charge. If the query is more complex, the expert will probably need to ask you for further information before providing a quote. You are not committed to accept the quote unless you confirm your agreement to do so.

What next?

You will receive an emailed response from a UHY Hacker Young expert, including a quote for completing any necessary work – we will get back to you as soon as we can (we will endeavour to respond to insolvency issues within 24 hours).

The nature of some queries may require further discussion or submission of information. In this case the UHY Hacker Young expert will contact you to advise you accordingly.

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