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What to expect from working at UHY East?

Our Purpose

We are a leading firm of accountants and business advisors who take our core purpose of ‘Helping You Prosper’ seriously. 

Prosperity means something different to everyone and is more than just financial reward. For some of our clients it may mean being stress free, knowing everything is taken care of and for some of our team it may mean being home in time to have dinner with their children. 

With all our stakeholders, we are committed to finding out what prosperity means to them and helping them achieve that. 

How we help the UHY Team Prosper

Our commitment 
“At UHY our talent commitment is simply to ‘help you prosper’. What this means in practice is different for everyone, such as having a good work-life balance or being able to progress in your career. We strive to ensure you prosper personally and professionally in a supportive, dynamic and creative environment, and ultimately to love your job.”

The UHY team is the heart of our business, your voice will be heard and your ideas explored. If you have passion, ambition and a positive attitude, you will receive the support you need to achieve your goals and develop as a leader within UHY.

  • 47% of our team have been with us for 5 years or more
  • 67% of partners promoted internally
  • 61% of managers promoted internally
  • Average length of service is 9 years    
How we can help you prosper at UHY
  • Flexibility – Whether this is working at home, in the office, or flexing the hours that you work to fit with your other commitments.  It is about you achieving the right work balance to suit your life.

  • Development – This is about you enjoying your role, and developing both personally and professionally whilst at UHY. You will have regular appraisals where we work collaboratively with you to identify your goals with UHY and ensure all your training needs are met, whether this is technical or soft skills based. We offer training to support you both now and in the future wherever this may take you. Our career prosperity programme will help you map out your future career ambitions, define clear steps on how to get there as well as providing support and guidance on developing your skill set.
  • Wellbeing – Your wellbeing is important.  We have built a successful, supportive and positive culture at UHY and have an annual wellbeing calendar that offers sessions around your wellbeing, alongside charity or social events where you can relax, have fun and connect with the wider team.

For more information about how this works in practice and to explore UHY East’s benefits, please download our Careers Brochure

Our culture

A healthy culture underpins a successful organisation and we consider it to be more important than the commercials. Get the culture right and everything else falls into place. 

Though we are aligned with the UHY Group culture, as an independent firm in the East of England we also set our own cultural vision. Our cultural vision is:

visions compiled



Our Values and Behaviours

Our clients tell us that our team are “approachable”, “passionate” and “supportive”. That’s because we don’t just recruit individuals who have passed a few accountancy exams. 

From recruiting the right people through to nurturing and developing the team, our values are our guiding principles. 

“Acting with integrity and enthusiasm as part of a team is the UHY way.”

Our values are: 














These values, and the behaviours that sit behind these values, define who we are as people and underpin how we interact with one another, our clients and the wider community. 

We run a Brilliance Award each month in which anyone can nominate a colleague that they have recognised as going above and beyond our values. Each month the nominees along with why they were nominated are presented in our internal newsletter and the chosen winner (voted for by the Values Team) will receive a £100 gift voucher.

Being part of the UHY Team

We are a social bunch of people and arrange regular team events, some of which include: football matches, bowling, group dog walks, quiz nights and crazy golf, we also have a family summer social and a Christmas party each year. All of these events allow us to have some fun and get to know each other outside of work.

We actively support both our national UHY charity, Teenage Cancer Trust (voted for annually) and local charities, particularly Tom’s Trust. Some of the events we have taken part in to raise money for charities include the Cambridge Half Marathon, a scavenger hunt, the 2.6 challenge and Office Olympics.

During 2021 we launched our Helping you Prosper wellbeing calendar which is a series of events split into four categories: Self-care, Team, Fun and Giving. Each month has a focus such as Health, Nutrition, Connection, Stress Management and State of Mind, being the pillars of good mental health and wellbeing.













The activities range from education, days out, guest speakers and workshops, some being more interactive than others. Taking part is completely optional but the programme is there to support your wellbeing, whilst giving back to our community and having fun! 


team pics








Our team stories


Dave Hailey - Joined as Accounts Junior in 2003, currently Partner

Dave Hailey

Timeline 1
























“The firm is very progressive and forward thinking, often investing in new products and services to expand its offering and staying ahead of the curve. I have found this approach has boosted my career progression providing opportunities for me to diversify into new sectors and services and to grow with the firm.”


Katie Miller - Joined as Marketing Executive in 2018, currently Marketing Manager 

Katie uhy

timeline 2
















“UHY has supported me from the very beginning, providing me with training, 1:1 mentorship and opportunities to grow as an individual and develop into a leader. It has been refreshing to find a company who have a clear focus on wellbeing and live up to their purpose of helping you to prosper.”


Marie Pegram – Joined as Accounts Junior in 2008, currently Managing Partner












timeline 3























“At UHY I have the autonomy to see things through, have a voice to share my ideas and work collaboratively with like-minded people. I have had fantastic support and encouragement throughout my journey at UHY. What I love the most is how UHY are not afraid to embrace the new and encourage innovation, as well as their investment in personal development.”

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23rd Apr 2024
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