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Private client services in Cambridge

Our client services team aim to help you achieve your personal financial objectives.

We can assist you in defining your financial goals and considering ways in which they can be reached. Your concerns may be that you are paying too much tax, or that you are not managing your family wealth to its maximum potential. Whatever your problem, our personal tax advisers are here to help.

Personal tax advice

Whatever your financial background we can assist you to:

  • put plans in place to minimise tax;
  • pass your wealth on to the next generation; and
  • preserve your wealth with sensible tax mitigation strategies.

Our private client services team consists of highly experienced specialists who advise on UK and international tax and trust issues. We focus on you and your family, enabling you to achieve your financial objectives. We apply our experience to understand your needs and provide workable solutions that meet your requirements.

Achieve your financial objectives in a tax efficient manner

The UK tax system is one of the most complex in the world and even the most sophisticated individuals need help to avoid some of the pitfalls that exist. We will help you to achieve your financial objectives in a tax-efficient manner and avoid the tax traps that can snare the unwary taxpayer.

You may be concerned about how to:

  • shelter your income from tax;
  • plan for your children’s inheritance;
  • plan for business succession;
  • mitigate capital gains and inheritance taxes; or
  • make provision for your retirement.

We are able to help you to deal with any of these issues, using language that you will understand.

A full range of private client services

As well as the services mentioned above, we offer a full range of services designed to help you navigate the UK’s taxation maze:

  • services for trustees and executors;
  • dealing with HM Revenue & Customs enquiries, investigations and disclosures; and
  • taxation of individuals who are non-UK domiciled.

The next step

If you would like to discuss the private client services we can provide for you in more detail, please contact one of our personal tax advisers.