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Company secretarial services in Cambridge

The role of Company Secretary has its very own set of rules and regulations and is an extremely important part of running a business effectively and compliantly.

Many business owners and managers admitting that staying up to date with the changing regulation and requirements of the Company Secretary role means they are able to spend less time on the more profitable parts of their business. The attractiveness of asking an expert to take on the job therefore becomes evident. Add to this the risk of hefty penalties if you fail to adhere to your Director or Company Secretary obligations and it is easy to see why so many people prefer to outsource this task.

We appreciate that taking the decision to hand over responsibilities such as Company Secretary is never an easy one. with this in mind we take on these outsourced responsibilities with extreme sensitivity.

Why outsource your Company Secretary role?

When you choose to outsource your Company Secretary role to UHY Hacker Young, you know that you are passing on your responsibilities to an expert team that are fully up to date with requirements and legislation. We are experts in the role of Company Secretary and, by taking on your responsibilities, we can leave you the time and the energy to run your business.

More often than not, it makes great financial sense to outsource this task. You can be sure that if you outsource to us you will never miss a deadline or skip a responsibility and, as such, you are free from the fear of penalties.

Why UHY Hacker Young?

Our team not only relieves you of your Companies Act responsibilities when you pass on your Company Secretary role, but we also speak your language. Completely up to date and conversant with corporate governance legislation, we guarantee that your responsibilities will be dealt with on time, every time, which means you can avoid the risk of penalty, prosecution or disqualification.

Our Company Secretary duties include:

Company formation

Setting up a limited company is a time consuming process and something that many people choose to outsource. We can deal with your incorporation formalities and create your limited company based on your specific requirements, and also do this online for you, if required.

Registered office facilities

As a limited company, you are obliged to have a registered office. Sometimes it is not practical or possible to use your trading address as your Registered Office and, for this reason, we provide a Registered Office facility, allowing you to direct your limited company communications to our address.

Statutory record maintenance

Maintaining the statutory registers of your business is one of the most important compliance requirements of running a limited company. We have full experience and knowledge as well as access to the most up to date software to make sure your compliance obligations are met.

Filing your annual return

The Companies Act specifies that you must file your annual return to Companies House in the correct format. We can relieve you of this responsibility by preparing this once a year snapshot of your company, officers’ and members’ information for your approval and subsequent filing with Companies House.

Meetings and minutes

Board meetings, board minutes, notice and AGMs are all part of the meetings and minutes calendar imposed on companies each year. Making sure you meet your obligations is a requirement. Passing on these responsibilities to our Company Secretarial team means you can be sure they are dealt with on time, every time.

If you would like to find out more about our Company Secretarial services, contact us. We would be delighted to discuss with you how it works, how much it costs and how your business will benefit.