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Audit services in Cambridge

While an annual audit is often a compliance requirement, our audit process is about more than just meeting your obligations.

Our audit service will add value to your business by identifying tax saving opportunities and helping you develop your plans to tackle any business challenges head-on. We will help you reduce business risk and protect your business from the vagaries of the economic climate we all operate in.

At UHY Hacker Young Cambridge, we know and appreciate that the audit process is a whole lot more than a cost centre procedure and, as such, we will work with you to add real value to your business. In fact, our commitment is to identify value added opportunities which at least equal the amount of your audit fee.

Getting to know your business

By getting to know your business we can tailor our audit service to the business’ individual and unique needs to make sure you gain the maximum value possible from the process. Businesses of different sizes and in different sectors require different auditing processes and so, by getting to know your business inside out, we add the value you deserve. Our experienced and forward-thinking audit team will work with you to identify potential opportunities and threats in your trading environment and will help you develop the right strategy to move ahead.

Communication and reporting

Getting the right audit outcome for your business is about open communication. Our audit teams work in partnership with our clients; focusing on open, two-way communication between our teams and your key players. Only by working this way do we believe that you can get the most from your audit procedure.

By working this way we truly get to know your business and we are able to be proactive in identifying valuable and important events within your business, in your sector and in the marketplace at large. Our up to date knowledge of the reporting requirements and legislative changes, means you will always receive the most robust audit service.

At the end of our auditing process you can expect an insightful and considered report, raising all the issues we have identified in your business during the audit. Things you might typically expect are improvements to your accounting procedures and controls, for example, how to increase the quality of your financial reporting or cost saving opportunities we have identified. The upshot of this report will normally be an in-depth discussion to address the relevant points.

The next step

If you would like to get more from your audit process, let us know by filling out our contact form or call one of our audit team directly and someone will get in touch in order to discuss the opportunities.