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Accounting services in Cambridge

If you run a small or medium sized business in or around Cambridge you will be only too aware that choosing the right accountant is a hugely important part of your business decision-making process.

Making sure your accounts are done accurately and submitted on time is important, but a good accountancy service goes way beyond that. The right accountant will become a valuable part of your business, and in order to do so needs to know and understand your business inside out.

At UHY Hacker Young, we know that providing a great accounting service starts with truly understanding our clients’ businesses. Add to this understanding the experience and up to date knowledge that our teams have and what you get is a truly winning formula.

While some clients may only require basic accountancy services, others need a more in depth, more detailed, partnership orientated arrangement. At UHY Hacker Young, we are happy to tailor our service to your business needs. It is for this reason that we make sure we have all the elements for a successful working relationship throughout the lifecycle of your business.

Forward-thinking accountants that speak your language

If you are starting out in business perhaps all you need from your accountant is a helping hand and the assurance that your accounts are being dealt with accurately and on time. But as your business grows your needs are likely to grow and develop with it. Changing accountant is not a difficult task, but it is better if you have found someone you get along with, and who can adapt to your changing business needs. We make this our priority. We also understand that everyone is working on a limited budget so, for this reason, we keep our prices in check.

Some of the basic accounting services we offer our small business or start-up clients include:

  • an in-house bookkeeping service that frees your resources allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your business;
  • corporate and personal tax returns that are optimised to make sure you retain as much of your hard earned cash as possible;
  • VAT support to make sure you opt for the best regime for your needs while keeping your VAT obligations up to date;
  • Companies House submissions; and
  • your own friendly, plain speaking accountant who is on call to provide support and advice whenever you need it, on subjects as wide ranging as employment law to company car tax.

Accounting services for larger or more mature businesses

If you run a large, growing or more mature business, it is more than likely that your expectations from your accountant will be more sophisticated. If you are looking to increase your margins, get more power to your elbow to survive tough times, want help to benchmark your business against the competition, or if you want help to really refine your strategy, we can help.

We will provide as many or as few of the following services as your business needs:

  • a range of tax advisory services; from relatively basic to highly complex tax planning, all of which is intended to help you retain as much of your profit and income as possible;
  • a personalised and detailed auditing service, adapted to your individual business needs, to help you to plan ahead and make the right decisions;
  • Finance Director Services, allowing you access to the knowledge and expertise of your very own Finance Director at a fraction of the cost of recruiting someone. This service is ideal if you are looking for help to develop the right strategy;
  • help in tracking down and securing the best type and source of finance to suit your business needs;
  • the development of Partnership and Shareholder Agreements to enable you to work objectively, with your eye remaining firmly on the business ball;
  • merger and acquisition advice and support; and
  • international business development advice and guidance.

Free business review

We are so confident that you will be impressed by what we do that we offer a Free Business Review, during which you can put us to the test to see what we might bring to your business table. To organise your free, and no-obligation review, contact us now.