Rural and Agriculture

At UHY Hacker Young we know that farming is a whole lot more than a job and we also know that no two farms or farmers are the same.

It is for this reason that, when we work with farmers, we work hard to get to know and understand their unique situation and circumstances. We know that your priority, when it comes to your accounts and finances, is to know that they are in order and are being dealt with by someone who knows what they are talking about. Our many years’ experience of working in the farming community means we understand your way of thinking and have been able to adapt our service to meet your specific rural and agricultural needs.

Using the Gross Margin model of accounting we work with farmers, horticulturalists and rural businesses in and around Cambridge to help them make the right decisions in order to develop their businesses.We make sure you hold on to as much of your hard earned cash as you can, by implementing the most effective tax planning opportunities.

We are part of your network

Our close involvement with the farming community, as well as NFU groups, the British Institute of Agriculture Consultants and the Country Landowners’ Association, means that we know and understand your industry inside out. In addition, we keep our finger firmly on the pulse of developments in your sector so that we can help you seize all of the opportunities possible to survive, succeed and grow your business.


In the same way that no two farmers or no two farms are identical, your need for accounting support is also unique. We recognise this and are happy to help with as little or as much as you would like.

Some of the services we are typically asked to provide our rural and agricultural clients include:

  • Technical and taxation support. To make sure your systems are in order and to enable you to hold on to as much of your income as possible.
  • Help and guidance in raising finance. To put together the best case, with the help of our specialist know how and numerous relevant contacts.
  • Alteration of business structure support. To guide and advise you on the reorganisation of your business structure.
  • Buying and selling property. To guide you through the processes of buying and selling agricultural property.
  • Transfer of assets. To make sure, when passing your farm on to your family, the deal is structured in the best possible way to help you and your family get the most from the transaction.
  • Business management. To help you adopt new ideas and approaches with ease and confidence when running your business in the most effective way requires change.
  • Cashflow optimisation. To share our experience of other cashflow tactics to ensure not only are your income and payments received on time and your bills settled in a timely manner, but that your cashflow is as efficient as possible.

Get an expert on your side

If you run a farm or agricultural business and would welcome some support from an expert, contact us for a no-obligation discussion. Together we can establish what we might bring to your farming table.