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Charity and not-for-profit

If you operate in the charity and not-for-profit sector in or around Cambridge, you will not need us to remind you how heavily regulated the third sector is.

Making sure you achieve your objectives for your beneficiaries is of course your primary goal, but more and more focus is now being placed on transparency and financial control. What this means is that it is not only tough to secure the all important donations you need, but you seem to spend more and more of your time making sure that the management of your activities is compliant with the ever changing charity and not-for-profit legislation that abounds. Doing all of this in-house is a tough call for even the most experienced charity operators.

At UHY Hacker Young, because we specialise in the charity and not-for-profit sector, we know that no two charities are the same. That said, we also know that irrespective of whether your charity is local, national or international there are various priorities to be dealt with; for example VAT on property and fundraising as well as the operation of trading subsidiaries and the annual charity commission submissions.

Such is our experience, that within our network of firms we undertake the role of auditor or independent examiner to more than 200 charities, big and small. If you would like help to make sure that your charity or not-for-profit organisation stays compliant with the Charities Act and Charities SORP, we can help.

At UHY Hacker Young we can assist with:

  • tax planning and advice;
  • Bookkeeping and payroll;
  • Financial reporting;
  • Fundraising and procedural help; and
  • risk assessment, grant applications and much, much more.

If you would like help to keep your charity or not-for-profit organisation compliant and effective, contact us or call one of our third sector specialists directly.