Payroll and bookkeeping in Birmingham

We understand that completing payrolls and maintaining your company’s books can be an administrative nightmare. They are both complex and time consuming, especially with the new RTI and auto-enrolment schemes. Our payroll experts can help you and your business to prosper by taking over these routine, but important accounting functions.

Organising your payroll requires constant attention and sufficient resources, that could be better spent on business development, enhancing your profits and improving your efficiency.

That is where our payroll and bookkeeping experts can help. We offer a full range of payroll and bookkeeping outsourcing services that take away the anxiety and the drudgery of routine administration.

How can we help with your payroll?

With minimal input from you, we can organise and run your entire payroll function. You will need to provide us with pay rate information and the hours worked for each pay period. The rest can be left to us, leaving you to get on with the business of making profits.

Our payroll outsourcing services include:

  • payslip production – Sage payslips and security if required
  • BACS payment
  • revenue payslip production
  • stakeholder processing and payment
  • dealing with joining and leaving employees (P45s etc.)
  • working families tax credits
  • year end P35 work and RTI submissions

We use the latest computer payroll software programs which enable us to run a payroll from Sage in a fraction of the time taken to do the job manually. All legislative and employee details are kept fully up to date.

How can we help with your bookkeeping?

It is a Companies Act and HMRC requirement that your books are properly maintained and kept up to date. Failure to do so can result in fines, or even imprisonment. In addition, HMRC can enforce hefty finces, running into thousands of pounds.

Our bookkeeping outsourcing services include:

  • recording and reconciling all bank, cash and credit card transactions on a monthly basis
  • preparing your monthly or quaterly VAT returns
  • providing you with aged schedules of your debtors and creditors
  • providing monthly or quaterly management accounts and management information
  • preparing your annual account

The payroll and bookkeeping experts in Birmingham

It is up to you how much help you want from our payroll advisers. We can work with you to decide which of our services are relevant to your business and how much contact you want with us – tailoring the payroll services that we provide to meet your specific requirements.

For more information, or to find out how our payroll and bookkeeping specialists can help you, please contact one of our advisors.