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Why do some companies succeed and others fail?

13 May 2016

It’s not size and might that make a company strong, it’s the culture – the strong sense of beliefs and values that everyone, from the CEO to the receptionist, all share.

To create an environment where your staff want to come to work, starts with building a team of people who like what they do, because if they don’t like what they do, they are much more likely to want to leave.

Most work, especially great work, takes effort, focus and time. It’s a necessity that your employees like what they do otherwise they will find it hard to stay consistent. If you want people in your company to turn up every day and produce great work; then be sure the people you’re relying on are committed. Commitment is a decision that one makes when they are part of something bigger than themselves.

For example, when you see someone wearing a ‘Help for Heroes’ jumper you automatically know that they are committed to supporting something bigger than them.

If you fill your company with people who actually like what they do, enough to want to be the best at it, you will have a strong team of committed employees.

Glenn Thomas, director within our Birmingham office, comments: “If you take on people who only care about the money; they won’t care about anything else and, in our business, caring about our clients comes first.”

Additionally, surrounding yourself with people who have the same beliefs as you, enables trust to form and enhances confidence and conviction in the company mission, vision, values and standards. Every person matters and everybody has a part to play. When your team feel valuable and can see how their responsibilities and contributions enhance the company’s success, they will want to produce excellent work.

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