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Want to increase profits? Focus on raving fans!

18 May 2016

You may be wondering what a raving fan looks like?

I recently took my son to a concert to see the singer Rhianna and was astonished at what I can only describe as “craze mania”. Her enormous fan base sold out the 30,000 seats and ranged from primary school-aged children to the over 55s! And this made me wonder…what does it take to create raving fans like this?

After reading Ken Blanchard’s book, ‘Ravin Fans’, I learned that there are many ways for business owners to turn existing customers and clients into raving fans; so much so that they recommend you to their friends and associates.

The book suggests that to do this, there are four levels of customer service that you must focus on:

  • Meeting expectations;
  • Exceeding expectations;
  • Delighting your customers; and
  • Amazing your customers.

It is once all levels are completed that you have yourself a raving fan and making your customers raving fans is the competitive edge many businesses need in today’s economy.  Therefore, you need to work on not only achieving the standards clients expect of you but going above and beyond to impress….you need to add what your competitors are not.

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