Audit of groups and UK subsidiaries of overseas groups

Kent’s proximity to Europe makes it an ideal location for European companies starting up in this country and we have substantial experience in Sittingbourne as both the principal group auditor and dealing with the UK subsidiaries of overseas groups.

We are well practiced in dealing with the unique requirements and challenges posed by a group audit and are used to working to the tight timescales often involved.

We can assist with the full consolidation process and tax planning, as well as the year-end audit and Corporation Tax.

Our experience in Sittingbourne, Kent, includes:

  • Auditing the UK subsidiaries of significant overseas groups from a wide geographical spread of countries such as USA, Australia, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Turkey groups.
  • Acting as principal group auditor to UK groups across a range of sectors including service industries, construction, engineering, education and retail.
  • Acting for over twenty five years for a UK based energy group, which grew to have eleven subsidiaries worldwide and, in 2009, was sold to a private equity firm in a multi-million pound deal. Our corporate finance team assisted and advised throughout the sale process.
  • Completing due diligence work for UK groups making significant acquisitions.
  • Advising on the formation of a group, including the advantages and disadvantages of doing so, and related issues such as group relief, VAT groups, inter-company eliminations and transfer pricing.

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