UHY Hacker Young | Chartered Accountants

What our clients say about us

Our philosophy of responsiveness and client service is one that we are proud of.  From the quality of our people, to the value-added benefits we offer and the measurable results we provide, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service.

As a Group, we are constantly seeking to improve the services we provide to our clients and we recognise that to do so we need to understand what they value and how we can improve our services in the future. As a result, we undertake regular client surveys and reviews.

Our most recent survey saw 252 clients respond, from a representative sample of our clients who receive a range of our services from all offices.

The following summarises some of the key points raised in the survey.

Average satisfaction ratings:

  • Quality of our team 91%
  • Quality of the service/advice 88%
  • Responsiveness – sorting out problems which arise 90%
  • Listening to you 91%
  • Understanding your business 87%

The three highest ranked descriptions of the UHY Hacker Young culture

  • Careful to give the best advice
  • Provide clients with informed advice on all financial aspects of their commercial concerns
  • All round good business people

The strengths of the UHY Hacker Young Group

  • Accessibility and experience. Excellent advice over a wide area
  • Loyalty to clients
  • Effecting a ‘one stop shop’ for all forms of audit/ accounts/ financial advice
  • Reliability & continuity of partner contact
  • Understanding our clients’ businesses and always willing to suggest different ideas
  • Responsiveness to our needs
  • Professionals, trustworthy, innovative thinking
  • A personal honest relationship backed by a first rate team with all skills in house

We are always encouraging our clients and contacts to give us feedback on our performance.  If you would like to pass on any comments to our marketing department, please either complete our contact form, or alternatively email the marketing department at marketing@uhy-uk.com.