Reality check on new car registrations

19 January 2018

There has been a lot of press of late on how 2017 has seen the first drop in registrations for six years,  with the general interpretation being that is really bad news.  Six years of continued growth in registrations is actually unusual for the UK, with most periods showing annual ups and downs, so this was always going to come to an end.  Since the turn of the century average registration numbers are around 2.35 million, so 2.54m registrations in 2017 and predictions for 2018 at 2.43m and 2019 at 2.4m are still well ahead of that long term average.

There has always been the feeling that the market in recent years has been pushed by manufacturers trying to increase volumes or market share, resulting in significant amounts of dealer pre-registrations.  So provided that the expected decrease in units registered is reflected in manufacturer volume targets, surely the outlook for the industry isn’t all bad?

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