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Parents investing just 25% of children's ISAs in shares - but will the cautious approach pay off?

17 September 2014
Just a quarter of the money saved in junior ISAs is invested in shares, suggesting that parents of young savers are taking a cautious approach, which could risk underperforming in terms of long-term returns.

London creating 20 times as many businesses per head as the rest of the UK

8 September 2014
Colin Jones, partner, explains our research that shows London outdoes the rest of the UK’s top 150 towns and cities for business generation, creating 20 times more additional new businesses* per capita than the rest of the UK.

HMRC child benefit letters causing widespread confusion

5 September 2014
HMRC has caused widespread confusion with an indiscriminate mail-shot to higher rate taxpayers receiving child benefit which suggests that they may owe additional tax, however, HMRC appears to have sent taxpayers these letters without checking whether or not the charge had already been paid by their partner.

UHY Hacker Young appoints new Audit Partner from Grant Thornton

1 September 2014
Subarna Banerjee, formerly Audit Director at Grant Thornton UK LLP, is joining our London office as an audit partner and will Chair our charity and not-for-profit group.

HMRC tighten up disclosure rules

20 August 2014
HMRC have announced a number of changes to the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility to limit the benefits for those that HMRC sees as abusing the arrangement.

Bank lending in the UK is still stalling, down 2.2% in real terms last year - and far behind G7 average

4 August 2014
In our recent study we have found that bank lending to the private sector in the UK is still lagging far behind the G7 average, despite all the Government’s efforts to boost the availability of credit.

28 out of Top 30 highest income tax areas are 'Stockbroker Belt' towns

21 July 2014
Our research shows this is due to the shift of the tax burden onto higher earners, who have been hit by an increase in the upper rate of tax, which now sits at 45p.

Money raised in IPOs on AIM triples - highest sum in six years

4 July 2014
The Alternative Investment Market has delivered its biggest year for IPOs since 2007/8.

Demands on academy governors prompting growing recruitment crisis

23 June 2014
Our recent research into academy school governance shows that the increased responsibilities placed on Governors at academy schools risk creating a recruitment crisis.

HMRC pays out £4.6 billion in corporation tax refunds

16 June 2014
Figures obtained by us reveal that some 286,000 businesses received a corporation tax rebate in the year to 31 March 2013.

Information flows from Switzerland to HMRC...

12 June 2014
The 2011 UK-Swiss Tax Agreement is concerned not just with the levying of withholding taxes. It also provides for the passing of information in respect of Swiss accounts to HMRC.

London’s Silicon Roundabout remains top area for UK start-ups

9 June 2014
Our recent research shows that the area around Silicon Roundabout is once again the most prolific area of new business generation in the UK.