Our national charity

Following a vote across all our UK people and partners, we are delighted to announce that, the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has been selected as our national charity for 2017/18.

Good mental health is fundamental to thriving in life. It is the essence of who we are and how we experience the world yet, compared to physical health, so little is commonly known about mental health; and mental illness is rapidly growing in the UK. On average 16 people a day end their own lives due to the struggles that living with a mental illness brings. The MHF leads the search for solutions based on evidence and practice that work in the real world. They deliver programmes, training and guidance that help to prevent mental health problems and support good mental health. The charity works to influence policymakers and advocate for change.

Over the coming year partners and staff from our 22 offices across the UK will work in collaboration to fundraise as much as possible for this remarkable charity. From national charity days and auctions to sweepstakes and volunteering, we will go above and beyond to provide for this great cause.

If you would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, please visit our official JustGiving page here. Any donation, however great or small, will make a difference.

The following video provides an example of the outstanding work that the MHF do.

Shortly after Debbie’s son was born she became a single mother and soon after that, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With no support network close to her, the future looked bleak. But with the help of the Mental Health Foundation, she was able to turn her life around.