Our national charity

We recognise the brilliant work that all of our member firms, and our staff and partners, undertake to support local charities every year. From 2016, we have decided that, in addition to all our local efforts, we will also pledge our support to a national charity on an annual basis.

Following a vote across all of our UK staff and partners, we are delighted to announce that, Dreams Come True has been selected as our national charity.

Dreams Come True is a national UK charity that works hard to make dreams come true for children and young people aged between two and 21 years old with serious and life-limiting conditions.

Over the past 26 years, the charity have arranged for thousands of children and young people to meet their heroes, enjoy amazing experiences, visit special places and more.  For some, a dream is
simply to enjoy everyday activities so the charity also provides specialist items such as disability trikes, wheelchair swings, sensory equipment and technology.

Fulfilling a dream can help a child or young person to think beyond their illness or disability and focus on something highly positive and empowering.  The experience creates amazing memories for entire families that have a lasting impact on everyone involved.

The following videos provide further information on this great charity, along with examples of how special these dreams truly are.

Over the coming year partners and staff from our 27 offices across the UK will work in collaboration to fundraise as much as possible for this remarkable charity. From national charity days and auctions to sweepstakes and volunteering, we will go above and beyond to provide for this great cause.

If you would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, please visit our official JustGiving page here. Any donation, however great or small, will make a difference.